Server Service
Network Solutions
Software Developement
When it comes to servers with direct access to the Internet, we usually use Linux solutions, preferably RedHat Linux or Fedora. Or if the client has a Windows Server licence, or desires another operating system which fulfills the role of the server, we can install and maintain it, according to conditions discussed with the client.
Do you need a database server? Our experience recommends us as good managers of PostgreSQL for Linux and Microsoft SQL Server databases. If you need a special solution for your database server, we're at your disposal with helpful advice and recommendations as to which choice better suits your needs.
Are you looking for setting up an intranet network for your company? We offer: case study, needs and designing, cost study as well as the actual implementation of the resulting solution. The main focus points in designing a network are: optimizing data fluidity, security on the internal network as well as assuring the impossibility of a leak of confidential information outside, on electronic or human fluxes. Towards this goal, we offer solutions with secured access levels for different network resources, as well as powerful firewalls tailored to the needs of the client company.
Your current software doesn't meet your needs? Our company takes orders building personalized applications. We work in the following programing languages and environments: C/C++, Visual C++/C#, Borland C++ Builder, gcc, Java -JDK, IBM Visual Age, Java. Also, for developing web applications we are experienced in the following: HTML, XML, WML, JavaScript, CSS, Servlets, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl. Ne build software on demand for Android, iOS and Windows SmartPhones or other Smart Devices. For more information, send an email or call: 0744/477 104.
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