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A.R.G.U.S. - Productivity Monitoring Solution
A.R.G.U.S. (Automated Real-time Grouped Unified Surveillance) or Productivity Monitoring is an application for real-time monitoring of the efficiency, productivity and OEE of a production-based company. You can monitor, in real-time, the efficiency of one or more production lines, the results being posted on a web portal, visible both from the inside and outside.

The solution is designed in a client-server system. The server part is represented by a database server, a web server and informatics systems for data and communications protection and redundancy. The client part is made up of two applications connected through a common database.

On the production line a C++ application is installed, which collects and aggregates input data, as well as showing, in real-time, the main indicators related to production and efficiency on the line which it is installed. The application is designed in such a way that the knowledge required to operate it is minimum, while the functionality it offers is tailored to the necessary requirements to fulfill maximum performance.

The Web application is made up of reporting modules and management modules. Access for the web application is through sessions which are password-protected, and with different access levels. All lines where the solution is installed can be monitored, and interventions can be made where they are needed in the shortest possible time.

The C++ Application

Data collection
  • Signaling the finishing of a product through scanning
  • Signaling the finishing of a product through keyboard input
  • Signaling the finishing of a product through devices connected to a PLC (push-buttons, switches, and other devices)
  • Signaling of certain special situations which can arise in the production work-flow through push-buttons
  • Keeping track of employee presence through access-card scanning
Corrections and Vizualizations/Adjustments
  • Suspending the current order for different reasons
  • Showing the number of finished products from the current order, current shift, current day and current week
  • Showing the efficiency, productivity, OEE on the current hour, current shift, current day and current week
  • Showing the product number (SKU), order number, SMV and other relevant data
  • Showing the current, planned and average number of employees by shift and by day
The Web Applications
  • Management of production zones
  • Management of production lines
  • Products management
  • Orders management
  • Importing a list of products from an Excel file
  • Importing a list of orders from an Excel file
  • Automatic planning of orders by days and shifts in order to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Departments management
  • Teams management
  • Workers management
  • Users management
  • Real-time viewing of data from the production line, product by product - the time when product was scanned, product code, the order related to that product and other relevant data
  • Real-time report which has, on the same page, the monitoring of efficiency, productivity, OEE for all lines and zones; the page uses different color codes to indicate the status of a line, making it easier to quickly assess the status of each production line
  • Daily report for a line containg the number of finished products, the list of orders, the efficiency, productivity, OEE and other relevant data, divided by shifts
  • Report for a line for a greater period (from 1 day up to a few years), divided by days
  • List of finished orders, ordered from the most recently finished to the oldest finished, with relevant data
  • Real-time report containg all data from a line - current order number, planned and average number of workers, efficiency, productivity, OEE, targets for shift, day and week, list of orders planned to go in production for that specific line, and other relevant data
  • Real-time report for the current zone
  • Viewing the list of orders
  • Viewing the production plan
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