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InfoZone Application
In August 2004 Satura Computers released a new version of the InfoZone application. The application has numerous improvements over the previous version. Here are some of them:

The graphical interface is faster and more stable thanks to new programming technologies, similar to those used for 3D games. The application uses 3D spaces, so all rendered objects can be visualised from any angle.
Conversion capabilities
InfoZone 2.0 has a converter to and from DXF files, and can do so very easily. The user must select a part of a map and a DXF file will be built using the same layers as the imported map. Also, should you wish to add new parts of the city where measurements are being taken to the database, you just need to import from the DXF file these changes, the rendering - database connections being built automatically.
Updating, inserting and deleting rendered objects
A number of features of the application, specific to GIS, have been developed. The end user can use InfoZone 2.0 Editor to insert, update or delete rendered objects, and when saving these objects, the application automatically reworks the database links, with regards to the objects' layers.
Compatibility with previous versions
InfoZone 2.0 is built using the same database as the previous versions, so if you've worked on the previous versions, migrating to the new version is very easy, the database being unchanged.
Thumbnails from the application
A more in-depth presentation (in Romanian) can be found on the links below
InfoZone Presentation - Word document InfoZone Presentation - pdf document Install InfoZone Editor 2.0 Demo directly from the Internet
After installing, the application needs to be registered through sms or call at: 0744/ 477 104, and then the username is 'test' and password 'test'.
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