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doc-AutoBuilder Application
Doc-AutoBuilder is a software solution designed for institutions, notaries, consulting companies and other companies where generating large, frequent documentations automatically is necessary.

In theses typed documents, only certain parts change, for example, in a services contract the beneficiary, supplier, object of the contract etc. change. These variable parts can appear inside a documentation multiple times, and if the documentation is filled by hand, errors can appear, such as failure to fill in the necessary variables in all the required places.

The doc-AutoBuilder solution offers an interface through which complete automation of the documentation generating can be achieved, the final result being a file in DOC format (Microsoft Word) ready to be printed. There are two major advantages: eliminating errors which can arise if a documentation is hand-filled, and a huge decrease in the time needed to fill in a complex documentation (a weeks worth of work in ten minutes).

The documents are saved on a server and can be accessed by any computer where the application is installed and the necessary rights have been given. The server can by local, at the client's headquarters, or it can be accessed through the Internet.

doc-AutoBuilder presentation
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