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AGS Pro Application
The AGS Pro represents an integrated system for general accounting, administration, supplies, production, wages, distribution (sales through own stores), fixed means and inventory objects, adapted to current legislation.

AGSPro is presented both in a unified and a modular form, to ease it's implementation in large companies, as well as small and medium ones.

The graphical interface is very similar to the interface of Windows, the application is compatible with the Widows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

The database server is PostgreSQL and runs on a FreeBSD operating system, this combination being an optimal solution, offering stability and speed. FreeBSD and PostgreSQL are under Open Source licence, being free.

Features offered by the AGSPro application

Enterprise Resource Planning
  • You insert the primary documents (entry and exit invoices) and the program automatically generates the accounting notes, entries and exit on the account and supplies.
  • Invoices, notes and transfer notices are automatically printed on specific or personalised printed forms.
  • Keeps track of the supplies, both quantitatively and valorously, the management balance being available for viewing at any time.
  • For the production side there are two processes ('transare' and 'retetare'), the application automatically doing the managing changes, both quantitatively as well as valorously (FIFO system), as well as the related accounting operations.
  • Characterised through a management of the production through orders intermediatisation, activity modularization on a series of processes of intermediate production, and a final production process.
  • The operations characteristic to production are automatically handled in the management, accounting and wages modules.
  • The possibility to, at any time, view the status of all orders, and of each order in particular.
  • The program takes from the accounting module the necessary data for the post-computing, such as the total expenses for production in a month, and automatically does the post-computing for each finite product separately, as well as generating the accompanying accounting notes.
  • The program automatically generates accounting notes, but allows input of manually created accounting notes.
  • Automatically closes the accounts for expenses, income, VAT.
  • Keeps track of late paying customers, unpaid suppliers, cash register, bank account.
  • Automatically calculates the amounts to be paid to the state budget.
  • Printing of any and all situations at any time.
  • Automatic generation for the synthetic and analytical balance, account balance, accounting notes, analytical accounting file with corresponding accounts, daily cash register stats, monthly cash register stats, sales and purchases journals etc.
  • Keeps track both of full-time and part-time employees.
  • Allows for updating of the table containing taxes and different percentages directly by the user.
  • Automatically takes the employees from the previous month into the current month.
  • Automatically generates accounting notes.
  • Automatically prints wages statuses and wages 'fluturasi'.
  • Automatically calculates, shows and prints the necessary sums to be deposited to the state budget and social insurance budgets.
  • Automatically generates unemployment, health-care and 'CAS' declarations.
Other features of the AGSPro application
  • Keeping track of 'mijloace fixe' and 'obiecte de inventar' (purchases, sells, listings), as well as automatically calculating the 'amortizare'.
  • Reports for sales through own stores.
  • Network accessible. The possibility to access data using the Internet, from places predefined by the client. Accessing the data through advanced security and protection methods. The database can only be accessed from confirmed IP addresses, which are deemed safe.
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